It's time to meet our team!

We appreciate your trust to be in our healing 360° Community. We find that trust is an essential part of a healing journey. Trust is the reason we are able to sustainably achieve 95-100% success rate for our clients. However, we know that in order to trust us, you need to know us. So, here is a little bit about us.

Elena - struggled with hypothyroidism, pituitary tumor, and infertility for nearly a decade. Spent close to $15,000-20,000 od doctors, and specialists without any outcomes. Having exhausted all known means, I uncovered my own path to health NATURALLY, and never looked back since. I have been symptom-free and had my miracle child. 360° Impact Health program is an outpouring of my desire to help you avoid the frustration I lived through.

Demetrye - suffered from chronic angina and elevated cholesterol, accompanied by excess weight. Doctors gave him no hope. He was facing strokes and heart attacks as a possibility since they were common in his family. After changing his diet and lifestyle to the one we teach in 360°, he lost weight, came off medication, his cholesterol normalized, and no more angina! Now he lives to the fullest and without fear.

Rimgaile - was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and pituitary tumor. Her life was torn away from her by numerous symptoms. She lost her business and begged God to die because she was barely surviving day-to-day. In under three months of following 360° program principles, Rimgaile was symptom and medication-free, started a new business. Rimgaile has a Master's in Psychology. She now serves as an assistant coach at 360°. You can find her FULL story here.

Danielle -
spent SEVENTEEN YEARS searching for an answer to her multiple health conditions - IBS, Sjogren’s, severe digestive issues, ovarian cysts, possible hypothyroidism, and 43 symptoms that came with these disorders. Over 17 years and $81,000 spent on her health pursuits, Danielle felt that there was nothing left to try to heal from her autoimmune disease. A health coach herself, in six months of us working together, Danielle did not only effectively resolve her symptoms, but she also slashed her future health expenses next to nothing. Now Danielle serves as my assistant health coach and gets to help other women do what she achieved for herself. You can listen to her full story HERE.

You can find a LOT more about us and what we do and offer by clicking on THIS LINK

Please let us know if you have any questions about who we are and what we do in the comments. 

It's so nice to MEET YOU! 

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