Hi everyone, my name is Lilia (Lily) I’m glad to be in the group; sorry I forgot to introduce myself to the group. I love all Elena’s  posts. I’m in Miami,Florida. I been following Elena for a few years. Looking to learn more about hormones and weight loss. ❤️
Lilia, so happy you join our private community! Nice to meet you and have you here. Do you have any specific topics about hormones that you would be interested in the most? What would you like to learn more about the weight loss? Looking forward to learn more about you 💛
Hi Rimgaile thanks. On hormones this crazy mood swings not much on hot flashes for me I have it but very little thank God. Libido Is a problem which I had tried the maca but doesn’t work for me. On weight loss CARBS I like them but they don’t like me lol if I eat too many of them then I gain weight too and taking hormones doesn’t help really. So I’m in a rollercoaster all the time. That’s why I exercise to help with weight and mood swings. I do BBOD exercise videos trying to follow the containers portion fix on nutrition . It helps me as long as I measure my  foods. But is exhausting all this measuring plus I’m not the best in the kitchen 😉so I go for easy meals salads,veggies , 6 oz of meat which I limit myself on red meat,chicken,seafood. Baby steps. 
Lilia, I hear you so well. Measuring foods are exhausting, time consuming and restricting. While being mindful about food choices and portions is important, measuring can be mentally draining.
In our program at 360 Impact Health we teach our clients about healthy eating habits, best diet for your hormones & well-being, relationship with food and yourself, and the weight loss happens naturally - what a great bonus, right? :)
If you would have to choose, what would be your first preference - to balance your hormones or lose weight?
Would you believe if we say it is possible to achieve both at the same time?
Here is a link to one of the many success stories of our clients who were able to do it: 360impacthealth.com/extreme-weight-lo...
If you would like to discuss this possibility for yourself, we would be honored to hop on a FREE 15 minutes call with you and chat. Let me know and I will share a link to schedule it.

Rimgaile - 360 IH Both I will like to fix and I know it can be fix at the same time . It’s just how to do it the hard part . Thanks I will look into the link you sent me and read thru it. Thanks so much 😉
Hi, Lily! So great to have you here! And I am so honored that you had followed me for years. 

And I am with Rimgaile - tell us more about your health and weight loss goals. 
Hi Lily! Just joined as well. We’re going through this together. :)
Hi Jennifer, thank you so much . Yes we’re 😉😍👍🏻

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