What is one thing you would like to learn in your life? 

Please share in the comments ☺

P.S. Have you known that learning can be playful? And... exciting, creative, and promoting mental, cognitive, and emotional health? 
I would really like to learn photography. I think it is very creative and exciting.
Gayle, amazing! Go for it! It's one of the best activities because water has magical healing powers for your body, mind and soul. 
Hi!  I would like to learn how to grow my own fruits, vegetables - to save money and live a more self sustainable life.  And enjoy relaxing scenery & aroma of green things around me.
Love this, Ramon! 
I agree - it is absolutely a lovely scenery and the feeling when you go get fresh tomato from the garden in the morning when it is still wet from the midnight rain... the smell and taste are divine... 
We grow our vegetables and leafy greens. They taste SO different and SO much better than any organic ones bought at the store.
I hope you will be able to fulfill this goal one day! 
My first question is about water. I have a reverse osmosis system. I saw that you day they are bad for you. 
What can I do to make it better?  
I can’t afford a new system right now and I’ve been told the water here is really bad and to not drink it. 
I’m in a rental situation right now if that helps to answer. 
Hi Lisa.
A couple of things - readding minerals back to the water. Not optimal, but still a partial solution. OR getting a counter-top or sink carbon filter.

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