Very few realize just how important water is for healing. And not just any water...Β  It has to be the right kind... πŸ’§

For example, a little known fact - reverse osmosis water is very harmful and will leach minerals from your body. This is NOT great, especially when you are trying to heal from thyroid, hormone, or autoimmune conditions.Β 


πŸ’§ For this week - read this article:Β 



I am going to challenge you to consume at least 1 liter of water per 50 lbs of your body weight daily. This can include herbal teas. (So, if you are 150 lbs, you will need to consume 3 liters, or at least 2.5.)

At the end of the week, I want a report to see what difference it made for you.

Now, I know that new habits are not always easy to implement and to stick with, so, use a REMINDER on your phone to drink water at least ONCE each hour. There are even apps you can download to track your water intake.

Are you in? πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§
Good thing I’m working from home for the majority of the week! I see lots of potty breaks in my future. πŸ˜†Β 
LOL! Indeed! I used to feel like I needed to work near a bathroom until my bladder got stronger.Β 
Thank you, Elena. I shall start increasing my water intake. Which most likely means I will also increase my trips to the restroom lol
LOL! I love it! Keep me posted on your progress.Β 
I’m in been trying to drink water as much as possible. πŸ˜‰
I try for 50 to 60 oz. depends too on how my day goes with work Β since I’m on the road Β a lot of times. Little by little trying .Β 

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