Welcome! I am so excited you said YES to yourself and your health and decided to look outside of a broken system to find a permanent resolution to your health.

The space is you are entering is healing and sacred - it is filled with women and men, who are just like you, looking for a simple, yet lasting solution to their hormone, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions.

Before you dive in ad begin posting, here are a few rules I want you to read through and follow.


This community is created by the 360° IMPACT COACHING company. Elena Isoldi Medici, CEO of the company, had created a method and a program that has helped thousands of women and men from around the globe resolve their hormone, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions naturally. 

We are here to help you learn about the most natural solutions to hormone imbalances. We have done it for years and know how to make things happen fast.

We believe our program, 360° Impact Health, which teaches women and men how to reverse hormone imbalance symptoms naturally, is the best in the world. 

You will see a lot of mention of our program and our method on this private forum because we know it is the best in the world for resolving conditions that we work with. 

If you are looking for support to start on the same healing journey for yourself, our community is for you. 

If you would like to be a part of our private community, you must agree to the following rules. 
  1. You must have an active hormone, thyroid, autoimmune, or another chronic disorder to join.
  2. You must have visited our website: www.360impacthealth.com and understand the basic principles of our framework.
  3. You must be willing to resolve your health conditions naturally.
  4. You must be nice at ALL times! Keep it civil. Keep it encouraging. Keep it positive. Keep it plant-based. Any rude or negative comments will be deleted.
  5. NO promotion of any programs, products, or services in the group - This includes posting links to your blog posts, live streams, webinars, summits, sales pages, affiliate links, opt-ins, your Facebook page, or Facebook group.
  6. NO unsolicited messaging to members to pitch your products, services, or 'opportunities.' This will result in you being removed from the group immediately.
  7. Do not ask anyone to private message you. If you have something you would like to share, please share it as a post or comment so that all may benefit. Anyone suggesting others to PM them for any reason will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED.
  8. DO NOT dispense MEDICAL advice under any circumstances! Do NOT ask for medical advice.
If you can agree to these rules - we are excited to welcome you in. 

Let's get started!!! 
Elena & The 360° Impact Coaching Team